OpenVessel creates open source AI tools 

to help radiologists save time, improve diagnoses, and collaborate across

their networks.   


OpenVessel's models are open source, which means they are free to download and put to work immediately. 

Open Source=Trust

Our software will be available on the web for anyone to download and validate.

Even non-programmers will be able to draw from a deep community of experts actively evaluating the OpenVessel codebase.


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Quality Tested for Reliability

We strive to create tools that can handle a variety of medical data and be compatible anywhere the platform is deployed.


We take pride in developing tools that work as intended. Our commitment is reliability for our users.

OpenVessel Earns Second Place

in the Nittany AI Challenge

"The Nittany AI Challenge represents an unparalleled opportunity for teams of undergraduate Penn State students to leverage AI technology to make the world a better place..."

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