OpenVessel was founded at Penn State University, as an entrant in the 2020 Nittany AI Challenge.

Over the course of OpenVessel's development, our team worked remotely while the COVID-19 crisis proved how essential new approaches to health care would become.

We see Artificial Intelligence becoming a trusted tool in medicine and believe transparent, openly available AI tools will pave the way. As such, we are working with medical professionals to bridge gaps where data processing runs short. We invite you to join us and experience how OpenVessel can work for you!

Leslie Wubbel

Founder, CEO

Leslie Wubbel is a graduate of Penn State University. He utilizes his experience in biomedical sciences and programming to inform OpenVessel's product development and vision. An artist and video gamer, Leslie enjoys the crossover of high-quality visuals and digital media, bringing this same focus on usability to OpenVessel's AI tools.

Rishyak Panchal

Chief Operating Officer

Rishyak studies computer science, politics, and economics at NYU.

A founding member, he helped propel OpenVessel to prize status in the Nittany AI competition. 

Rishyak is passionate about creating change in the world, and takes pride in his contributions to AI in Medicine.

Shubhang Sharma

Lead Web Developer

Shubhang is an undergraduate at Penn State, majoring in Computer Science. His interests include machine learning, cryptography, and robotics. He is a data science intern at the Nittany AI Alliance and treasurer of the Penn State ACM and Nittany Data Labs. He enjoys playing tennis, but excels at badminton.

Nathaniel Leies

Chief Marketing Officer

Nathaniel Leies is a Pennsylvanian, writer, and conservationist. After graduating from Susquehanna University, he worked as a copywriter, then joined the National Park Service in capacities including

Ranger and Web Author. He enjoys 

conveying complicated ideas in simple terms. In his spare time he goes caving.

Gregory Glatzer

Chief Technology Officer

Dane Sapienza

Lead Consultant

Dane Sapienza is a graduate of The Pennsylvania State University. He loves the free market.

Gregory is a Sophomore at PSU from Yardley, PA majoring in Data Science and minoring in Clarinet Performance. Besides working on projects related to computers and coding, Greg enjoys working on music in classical and jazz settings. He is excited to be on a team building tools that will help radiologists utilize the power of AI!

Harsh Sharma

Web Developer

Harsh is an undergraduate Computer Science major at Penn State University. Working front-end web development, he enjoys designing interfaces for the Vessel Web Application and expanding his programming knowledge. His proudest achievement is captaining his high school basketball team to the 2016 National Basketball Championship.

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